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Attunement and Advocacy: Strengthening Home and School Connections

Think for a moment—or longer: Are your children learning what they should be learning at school? Are they happy and productive? Sometimes parents perceive a mismatch between a child’s needs and the education they’re receiving. Finding a suitable “fit” between a student and the school system can be problematic. An effective plan requires thoughtful decision-making and collaborative effort on […]

Current Events as Learning Opportunities

Week after week, fears and frustrations are the lead stories in the news. How can parents (and teachers) use these disturbing events productively to help children better understand the world they live in, and cope with a time of disruption? Children—as with adults—can find it difficult to deal with the anxieties attendant on society being […]

The ABCs of Being Smart

Using the alphabet as an organizer, I’ve put together some ideas for parents to help children thrive.  The series ABCs of Being Smart is featured in the journal Parenting for High Potential, published by NAGC. (Please see links below). For now, a preview of the letter A: ACCOMPLISHMENT ACCOUNTS Encourage your child to keep a record of his positive […]

Messages that Transcend Time

I teach in the Teacher Education Program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (also known as OISE). I recently came upon a very large table laden with mounds of journals “up for grabs” for all of our 2013 graduates. There was an extensive range of titles among the […]

Intelligent Questions

Sometimes parents ask kids well-intentioned questions like, “What did you do in school today? ” (I dunno. Lots.) Or, “How was your day?” (OK. Fine.) Or, “What’s new?” (Nothing much.) The kinds of questions we ask generate the kinds of answers we receive. Vague inquiries will often prompt vague responses. More specific inquiries can lead […]

Ten Tips for Teachers

In this blog, I offer ten ideas for effective teaching. Although the suggestions are primarily geared for educators, I invite parents to read them so as to become more familiar with what I believe teachers should aspire toward in order to provide children with the best possible learning environments and supports. TEN TIPS FOR TEACHERS […]

Ten Learning Ideas for the Holidays (and Beyond…)

Ten Learning Ideas for the Holidays (and Beyond…) By Joanne Foster, Ed.D. www.raisingsmarterkids.net www.raisingsmarterkids.wordpress.com Parents may be pondering how to foster their kids’ productivity over school break—not so much as to pester them, but just enough so as to give them additional incentive to keep learning. Here are ten suggestions to help encourage both doing […]