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Smooth Transitions During Times of Change

The beginning of the school year means new classrooms, friends, programs, expectations, and more. Here are some tips to help parents recognize and address the complexities of change, setting the tone for successful outcomes for their children. Published at The Creativity Post – Aug. 24th, 2015 Parents cannot possibly anticipate all the changes that occur […]

Young Children and Game-Playing: Ten Suggestions for Parents and Care-Givers

Kids lead very busy lives. There are so many books to read, places to go, people to see, things to do, and games to play. Games help to fuel children’s creativity–and vice versa. Here are ten suggestions for parents, babysitters, camp counsellors, and other care-givers to consider when thinking about games for young children: Keep […]

Ten Strategies to Help Kids Who Procrastinate

Many very capable children procrastinate. They may choose not to do chores or homework or clean up their rooms, or they may avoid something else altogether. It’s not that they can’t—it’s that they won’t. And it can drive parents crazy. In Not Now, Maybe Later: Helping Children Overcome Procrastination, I discuss reasons why children put […]

Classroom Management – To Dojo or Not to Dojo…?

According to Margaret Wente in yesterday’s Globe and Mail, “Students need interaction, not app taps.” So true! There are plenty of ways to encourage respectful and appropriate classroom behaviour—and few, if any of these, involve apps. Wente focused on “ClassDojo,” an app that she said “Allows teachers to add or subtract points for each student’s conduct […]

A Personal Perspective on Parents’ Praise

What’s the best way to praise your kids to foster their intelligence and creativity? Be as specific as possible. Reinforce their persistence, and indicate ways they can move forward, tackling the next step. How can you do this? Encourage the child to think about options, learning strategies, and interests. Reassure her that she can confront challenges, stretch […]

It’s Not All Bad News! Evidence of Young People’s Commitment to a More Inclusive Global Community

It’s only when we give kids opportunities to think about and act upon their highest goals for society that they get a chance to display their initiative and wisdom. In spite of increasing concerns about bullying and youth disengagement there’s reason for optimism about today’s young people. There are many students who take on leadership […]

Thoughts about Intelligence-Building

I recently reread an article written by fellow Canadian Lannie Kanevsky, published in Gifted Child Quarterly (Vol. 55, #4, Fall 2011, pp. 280-299). She writes, “Students come to school to learn more than just subject matter; they come to learn to be learners. …self-knowledge is essential to effective, autonomous, life-long learning” (p. 296). The focus […]

Challenge and Effort: A Mindset Perspective

By Joanne Foster, Ed.D. In this blog I review my thoughts about an informative presentation, and share some insights about learning. Last year I had the good fortune to meet renowned psychologist and researcher Dr. Carol Dweck, and to attend a presentation she gave to parents and adolescents at Branksome Hall, an independent girls’ school […]

September: Changes in the Air

By Joanne Foster, Ed.D. This is a blog that I actually wrote a couple of years ago but that I think bears repeating. Every September, countless parents revisit the challenges of kids returning to school, while other parents experience this “rite of passage” for the first time. Perhaps the information that follows here will be […]