Beyond Intelligence
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Beyond Intelligence
Secrets for raising happily productive kids

by Dona Matthews & Joanne Foster

July 2014
House of Anansi Press
Being Smart about Gifted Education is written for teachers and parents who want to understand what giftedness is, how it develops, and what they can do to support and encourage it. 
Secrets for raising happily productive kids
by Dona Matthews and Joanne Foster
 Being Smart about Gifted Education
  ABCs of Being Smart by Joanne Foster
An ongoing series, starting with A and going through the alphabet to Z, in Parenting for High Potential, published by the National Association for Gifted Children, and posted on the Resources page.
  Other Books by the Authors
Beyond Intelligence by Dona Matthews & Joanne Foster
July 2014 House of Anansi Press
The Development of Giftedness and Talent across the Life Span

Edited by Frances Degen Horowitz, Rena Subotnik, and Dona Matthews
The Routledge International Companion to Gifted Education

Edited by Tom Balchin, Barry Hymer, and Dona Matthews
All author photos on this website by Krista Fogel, Toronto.

Ideas, questions, and recommendations for parents who want to raise smart and happily productive kids

Beyond Intelligence        

Dona Matthews         Joanne Foster

A weekly advice column for parents, covering topics like bullying, social intelligence, terrible twos, and more.
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Not Now, Maybe Later
Helping Children Overcome Procrastination
This book is written for parents and teachers as a guide to understanding procrastination, primarily in children, and to provide tips for helping children develop skills to improve their productivity. Procrastination relates to many important aspects of life, including success and failure, school-related and other activities, an individual's thoughts and feelings, and motivation. Not Now, Maybe Later provides lots of straight-forward strategies to use (now, not later).

by Joanne Foster
forthcoming in 2014, Great Potential Press
"These authors present exciting new work...This book will prompt people in the gifted child field to reexamine many long-held beliefs!"
Carol Dweck, Stanford University, commenting on Being Smart about Gifted Education